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CHAIN: The Content, Health and AMR Innovation Network


Clinician creator, communications expert, or entertainment professional?

CHAIN is a new media network led by The Fleming Initiative.


CHAIN aims to harness the power and global reach of video-based online content to drive the behaviour changes

needed to tackle the spread of drug-resistant microbes known as antimicrobial resistance.

CHAIN members will have the opportunity to:

  • partner with experts in communications and the entertainment industry 

  • provide thought leadership and attend relevant international events as part of the Fleming Initiative team

  • co-create educational online content

  • participate in our research

To raise public awareness, The Fleming Initiative will mobilise CHAIN members to deliver a coordinated video message in September 2024, coinciding with the UN General Assembly High-Level Meeting on antimicrobial resistance.

Engaging the public through this newly established network aligns with
The Fleming Initiative’s mission of putting society at the heart of solving antimicrobial resistance.

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